In-Person Borrowing from Other Libraries

With a Council of Atlantic University Libraries (CAUL) Borrowing Card, Memorial University faculty, students, and staff can borrow materials from any CAUL/CBUA institution in the Atlantic provinces, as well as most other Canadian academic libraries that participate in the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement.

Pick up your CAUL Card at the service desk of most Memorial Libraries branch. DistancePlus borrowers can contact or to get a card.

Using your CAUL Card

Make sure the library you want to borrow from is a participating library. You will need to show both your CAUL Card and your university ID when borrowing at other institutions. You will usually get the same borrowing terms as students at that institution, though there may be some exceptions. Check with the lending library if you have questions.

You can return items to any CAUL or any CURBA library.

Visitors from other institutions

If you’re a visitor to Memorial Libraries with a reciprocal borrowing card, visit any library service desk to register for a library account. You’ll have all the borrowing privileges you would at your own institution, with the exception of Document Delivery.