Our Vision, Mission and Values


Memorial University Libraries will continue to be integral to the vibrant intellectual life of the University by connecting users with an array of people, services and resources.


Memorial University Libraries are the principal providers of scholarly information services and resources within the university community. We work with students, faculty, staff, researchers and professional practitioners in the discovery, use and management of information for research, teaching and learning.  We engage more broadly beyond the University to share many of those services and resources. 


Stewardship: Gathering, preserving, and organizing knowledge so that it can be used by current and future generations; developing and employing the skills of library practice to sustain core values; and maintaining the trust of the communities served.

Service: Providing a consistent, high-quality experience through our spaces, collections, policies, and interactions with all users; empowering users to employ the knowledge we steward.

Intellectual freedom: Fulfilling our mission without reference to the opinions of those who want to restrict free access to knowledge; preserving the privacy of users so they may have complete freedom to employ the knowledge we provide