Study Rooms

The QEII Library offers single and group study rooms for MUN students to do academic work. Please see our study room policy for more information.

To increase access, you are limited to one booking per group, per day, of up to two hours. You can book up to two days in advance. 

QEII group study rooms

2nd & 3rd floor study rooms

4th floor study rooms

5th floor study rooms

QEII single study rooms

4th floor study rooms

5th floor study rooms

Videoconferencing room

The videoconferencing room in room L-2015 accommodates one person and can be used as a private space to attend online meetings, record video assignments, and more. The room includes a Labnet Computer, a Polystudio video conference microphone and camera, and a ring light.

Book the QEII videoconferencing room

Assistive Technology room

The library also offers an assistive technology room, available for booking by current students registered with MUN's Accessibility Services (The Blundon Centre). Find our more about assistive technology in the QEII Library.

Graduate students and Honours dissertation students

The library offers research/study rooms to graduate students and to honours dissertation students. Students can apply for a room by completing the research and study room request form and bringing it to staff at the Queen Elizabeth II Library Public Services desk. Full details can be found in the research/study room allocation policy.