QEII Policies

Study Rooms are Available to MUN Students for Academic Work Only

Individual and group study rooms may be booked up to two days in advance online or in person at the public services desk.

To book a study room online you will need to use your MUN login and to provide your name and @mun.ca email address. You will be sent an email confirmation with the details of your booking, including a link to cancel the booking if it is no longer needed. We encourage you to be mindful of others and cancel your booking if you no longer need the room. 

You must arrive within 10 minutes of your booking or your reservation may be cancelled.

Study rooms can be booked once per day for up to two hours per student/group. The daily maximum may be extended if there are three or more rooms available at the time a booking is requested. Bookings made in these circumstances must be made in person at the public services desk. A minimum of two MUN students must occupy a group study room at all times.

Students found using the groups study rooms alone (i.e. without a group), or in breach of the two hour daily maximum, may be barred from future use.

Rooms may be used for tutoring of university students only.

Personal belongings are the student's responsibility.

Eating and drinking: see Library Food Policy.

The university confidentiality policy prevents staff from informing students of the identity of students who have signed out rooms.

Noise in study rooms must be kept to a level which does not disturb patrons in adjacent areas. If a problem occurs, the student(s) will be asked to leave.