Research Room Allocation Policy

There are ninety-seven (97) research rooms in the Queen Elizabeth II Library which are allocated to Masters and PhD level students and to Bachelors level students engaged in the writing of an honours dissertation.

These rooms are available to students who do not have a workspace available in their unit or department and who are registered in their program for the period of the room assignment. Students wishing to apply for a research room must present a completed  research and study room request form‌ to the staff at the Lending Services desk in the Queen Elizabeth II Library.

The distribution of rooms and assignment criteria are as follows:

Rooms available: 45

Period: Rooms will be assigned for a maximun of five consecutive years. After five years a student must reapply and be place on the waiting list.

Rooms available: 40

Period: Rooms will be assigned for a maximun of three consecutive years. After three years a student must reapply and be placed on a waiting list.

Bachelor Level writing dissertation
Rooms available: 12

Criteria: An honours student must be in the dissertation writing phase of their program to be eligible for a room. An application by an honours student must be signed by the faculty member overseeing the dissertation.

Period: Rooms will be assigned for a maximun two consecutive terms.

Beginning September 2017, rooms must be renewed at the end of every semester for a maximun consecutive assignment of three years for Masters students and five years for PhD students. The names of students requesting a room after they have reached the maximun period will be added to a waiting list. Demand for these rooms is high so students are expected to use the room regularly.

Students who no longer require a research room, or who have had access to a research room for the maximun period, must return the room key within the time frame specified on the renewal notice. Failure to return the key will result in a $10.00 key replacement fine.

Research rooms will be checked periodically by library staff. All library books and journals must be signed out before they are taken to a research room. Library materials that have not been signed out will be removed for reshelving.

Electrical appliances such as kettles or microwaves are not permitted in study rooms. It is not permitted to completely cover the study room doors with curtains, paper or other materials. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in the loss of the research room.

The university is not responsible for items left in the room.