Check Permitted Uses of Library Online Resources

Memorial Libraries has contracts with a variety of vendors and publishers that provide the university community with our online resources like databases, journals, and ebooks.Our licence agreements determine how and by whom our resource can be used. These licences provide both on and off-campus access to content for current faculty, staff and registered students. Access for the general public is provided through on-campus wifi and computers only.

If licence terms are violated by anyone, licensors may temporarily suspend access for the entire university community. In cases where a resolution cannot be reached, the vendor may have the right to permanently revoke a licence and access to the resource.

Check permitted uses in our License Information database.

Check Permitted Uses in OneSearch

The copyright policies and licenses for individual journals, articles or ebooks can also be found in OneSearch. It is important to note that some of our resources come from multiple sources, and different copyright policies and licenses apply depending on which source you are using.

Screenshot of link to license terms in OneSearch

If you're still unsure about how you can use licensed resources, contact a librarian for copyright support.