How it works

The Memorial University Dataverse collection, a collection within Borealis, is a container for other Dataverse collections and datasets. Researchers can deposit data (individual file size of up to 3GB) for their research projects directly into the Memorial Dataverse collection, or can create a Dataverse of their own within the Memorial Dataverse collection to store, publish and share their research data.

Fomats: Accepts all types of file formats, including tabular, text, and image files.

Access: Researchers can set varying levels of access to their data; access can be limited to only the researcher, to a select team of individuals, or to the public generally. Sensitive or confidential data cannot be stored in Borealis.

Findability: Data deposited in Borealis is accompanied by a record with information about the data, such as who created it, when it was created, what file formats are included, and what rights govern the data’s use. This record ensures that publicly available datasets are findable through Memorial’s Dataverse Collection, the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) of Canada, and Google.

(Source: Scholar's Portal)