Librarians by Subject

Each discipline or unit has a designated subject librarian who is available as a first point of contact to answer questions about the library, and to inform faculty, staff, residents, and students in that discipline about relevant library services, programs, workshops, and resources.

Subject librarians aim to understand the unique needs of specific disciplines and units, and to represent those needs within the library. They can arrange customized training sessions, research consultation, and collections consultations.

SubjectLibrarianPhoneEmailFaculty Representative
Anthropology Louise White 709-864-6901 August Carbenella
Archaeology Louise White 709-864-6901 Barry Gaulton
Art & Architecture Wendy Rodgers 709-864-4439  
Biochemistry Erin Alcock 709-864-8316  Valerie Booth
Biology Erin Alcock 709-864-8316  Shawn Leroux
Business Ryan Lewis 709-864-6728 Chansoo Park
Cartographic Materials Danial Duda 709-864-3198  
Chemistry Erin Alcock 709-864-8316  Graham Bodwell
Classics Wendy Rodgers 709-864-4439 Tana Allen
Computer Science Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Todd Wareham
Earth Sciences Dan Duda 709-864-3198  Joseph Hodych
Economics Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Kam Chu
Education Becky Smith 709-864-7829  
Engineering, Civil Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Bing Chen
Engineering, Electrical & Computer Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Tariq Iqbal, Cheng Li
Engineering, Mechanical Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Yuri Muzychka
Engineering, Ocean/Naval Architectural Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Wei Qiu
Engineering, Process/Petroleum Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Lesley James, Faisal Khan
English Amanda Tiller-Hackett 709-864-7281 Bradley Clissold
Film & Performing Arts Wendy Rodgers 709-864-4439  
Folklore Becky Smith (pro tem) 709-864-7829  
French Aspi Balsara 709-864-7427 Anne Graham
Gender Studies Wendy Rodgers 709-864-4439 Jennifer Dyer
Geography Danial Duda 709-864-3198  
German Becky Smith 709-864-7829 Maria Mayr
Government Publications Aspi Balsara 709-864-3162  
History Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139  Stephan Curtis
Linguistics Amanda Tiller-Hackett 709-864-7281 Douglas Wharram
Mathematics & Statistics Dan Duda  709-864-3198 Yorck Sommerhäuser
Music Becky Smith 709-864-7829  
Philosophy Amanda Tiller-Hackett 709-864-7281 Seamus O'Neill
Photography Wendy Rodgers 709-864-4439  
Physical Education Erin Alcock 709-864-8316  Kevin Power
Physics Kathryn Rose 709-864-3139 Mykhalo Evstigneev
Political Science Ryan Lewis 709-864-6728 Luke Ashworth
Psychology & Counselling Erin Alcock 709-864-8316  Susan G Walling
Religious Studies Wendy Rodgers 709-864-4439 Pat Dold
Russian Becky Smith 709-864-7829 Alec Brookes
Social Work Louise White (pro tem) 709-864-6901 Mike Devine
Sociology Ryan Lewis 709-864-6728 Judith Adler
Spanish Aspi Balsara 709-864-7427 Myriam Osorio
Special Collections Pat Warner 709-864-6736