Aerial Photos

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited donated a large collection of Newfoundland aerial photographs to the Ferriss Hodgett Library. The photos, taken in 1965, provide information about land use, roads, cut areas (including contractor and years cut), watersheds, logging camp locations, types of land (Crown, Reid, leased) and information about forest fires in the areas of the Province in which the Mill operated and has or had cutting rights.


The enlargement index is a map of Newfoundland divided into numbered sections. Use the index to find the enlargement number for the area of the Province you are interested in. With this number you can track down the enlargement.


The enlargements contain a great deal of detailed information regarding the specific area:

  • Black lines with small circles indicate watersheds
  • Orange lines indicate land boundaries
    • R L - Reed License (land given to the Reid Newfoundland Company as partial payment for construction of the railway)
    • L L - Leased Land (timber rights leased to Mill)
    • C L - Crown Land (land owned by the government)
  • Number in the bottom right corner is the enlargement number
  • Number in brackets on the sides refer to adjoining enlargements
  • F114W-12 refers to photograph
    • F114 - means flight path 114
    • W - means Western Newfoundland
    • 12 means picture 12 in the series
  • 138/53-4 means camp number 138 and it was cut in 1953 & 1954
    • White 51-2
    • White is the name of the contractor
  • 51-2 indicates the area was cut in 1951 and 1952
  • Black square indicates location of logging camp


Mosaics are earlier versions of the enlargements. In some cases you will see references to mosaic maps on the enlargements. Please keep in mind that not all enlargements have these references.


To determine if there is a series of air photos for a particular area, look for a number beginning with the letter "F" (e.g. F114-12) on the enlargement.

All flight numbers (e.g. F114) are positioned in the bottom left corner of the picture, indicating the south-west. The number within the flight series (e.g. 12 in F114-12) is positioned in the northwest corner of the photo.

The placement of the photo number on the enlargement correlates to the center of the photo.


For more information or for assistance using the collection email us or call us at (709) 637-6236.