K-12 Teaching Resources

Library resources that can be used with your students.


(1)To access many of these (Teachingbooks, Bookflix and Gale) you need to be logged in to my.mun.

(2) The descriptions were provided by the respective publishers.


TeachingBooks.net is an easy-to-use online subscription service that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children's and young adult books. This online database is developed and maintained to include thousands of resources about fiction and nonfiction books used in the K–12 environment, with every resource selected to encourage the integration of multimedia author and book materials into reading and library activities. (Note: this description was provided by the publisher)

Useful for

  • enabling your students to learn where professional and award winning authors get their ideas (though accessible video segments)
  • welcome authors (via video and interview segments) into your classroom to share expertise and insights
  • find strategies for teaching and sharing recently published books, and discover new ideas for teaching classic books
  • engaging students in reading and writing across all content areas


Scholastic BookFlix is an online literacy resource for K-3 students that pairs classic video storybooks from Weston Woods with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic to build a love of reading and learning. With the way to link fact and fiction, BookFlix reinforces early reading skills and introduces children to a world of knowledge and exploration. 

Children read the story and if they are interested in the theme of the non-fiction resource they can learn more with an age-appropriate text at their fingertips. All the fiction/nonfiction pairs in BookFlix are categorized according to nine themes: Animals and Nature; Earth and Sky; Family and Community; People and Places; Music and Rhyme; ABC's and 1, 2, 3's; Adventure; Imagination; and Celebrations. From the Home page, click on one of the nine themes to browse the pairs in each category. Pairs are listed in alphabetical order by story title. The browse is presented in a flipbook format. Pages can be turned by clicking the appropriate buttons; or click the tabs at the side of the book to jump to other pages. (Note: this description was provided by the publisher)

Useful for

  • Sharing online digital books with K-3 students - hundreds of titles to read aloud at your fingertips
  • Comparisons of print and electronic texts
  • Unit plans, activities, or lessons that focus on the themes mentioned above

Gale in Context: Elementary

Gale in Context: Elementary We develop essential, curriculum-aligned content that empowers educators to solve curriculum challenges, keep students engaged in learning, and help schools curate a virtual eBook library. Today, this includes supporting distance and social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as equity and inclusion goals.

Useful for

  • K-5 student projects
  • Lesson planning for Primary/Elementary classes
  • Information literacy for students in Grade three to six

Gale in Context: Middle School

Gale in Context: Middle School We develop essential, curriculum-aligned content that empowers educators to solve curriculum challenges, keep students engaged in learning, and help schools curate a virtual eBook library. Today, this includes supporting distance and social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as equity and inclusion goals.

Useful for

  • Projects for students in Grade 6-12
  • Curriculum development for a wide variety of subjects
  • general interest and information on cultures, Geography, Government, Science, Social Issues, and World History.

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database

CCLD, the publisher says it's mission is, "...to provide reliable one search access to all important and relevant information about Pre K-12 media of all types, including reviews from respected publications for those professionals who work with Pre K-12 media. Our goal is to connect our subscribers with information about books, authors and illustrators around the world, and to connect children and young adults with the books that will make a significant difference in their lives."

Useful for

  • Finding books that match your instructional needs.

Digital Library - Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries

Self-explanatory :-) 



Powtoon allows you to create animated presentations using a simple timeline-based interface. Powtoons are created somewhat like PowerPoint in that you have multiple pages on which to work. Rather than seeing each page as a slide, though, it’s best to see them as scenes. Each scene can contain animated characters, images, text and voice-overs. The end product plays as a video.

Powtoons are especially useful for: “How to” or “Show me” videos, animated case-studies, role-plays and flipped classroom lessons.

The videos in this link provide an introduction to various parts of the tool.

Signing Up

To access the TLC / Education Library’s Powtoon account, follow these steps.

  1. Visit this link Sign Up to Create a Free Powtoon Account
  2. Register for a free account using your MUN email. If you are registering as a group, choose one member to do it and set your username this way: Take the three first letters of your names, group them alphabetically and end with the course number. For example, if Peter, Ingrid and Ahmed are doing a Powtoon for Education 3484 the three first letters are: pet, ing, and ahm. In order they should be ahm, ing and pet so the username should be ahmingpet3484
  3. Log in toyourPowtoon account.

Note: when your powtoon is done make sure you publish it to the group you joined so your classmates can see it. Once finished, you can access a shareable link to your Powtoon. Post this link to D2L in the discussion forum or dropbox that’s been created for it by your instructor.

We have some video tutorials on Creating Flipped Lessons with Powtoon. The links are below: