Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers


This directory was created by librarian Suzanne Ellison at the Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland. The following text is from the 2001 edition.

It is hoped that the 240 newspapers listed include all of those published or possibly published in Newfoundland and Labrador from the beginning of printing to 2000. Also included are a few newspapers published on the Mainland for the Newfoundland audience. This listing details the major newspaper holdings of libraries and archives in the province and, in a few cases, unique titles or back files located elsewhere.

Most of the information about the newspapers comes from the newspapers themselves. Special editions marking the paper's important anniversaries often provide valuable information about its history as do obituaries published on the death of the editor or publisher. References in archival sources, directories and newspapers of the time have led to the discovery of over sixty papers which apparently have no remaining issues in existence. These are included in this listing for historical purposes. The user will note many gaps in information about certain titles. This is partly caused by the fact that the back files of these are incomplete. Another reason is that, until recently, many papers did not reveal the identity of their editor or proprietor on the masthead.

Registration of Newspapers in Newfoundland

Newfoundland law required that anyone intending to publish a newspaper deliver an affidavit to the Minister of Provincial Affairs with a description of the building where the paper is to be published and the title of the paper. These affidavits, which are housed in the Provincial Reference and Resource Library, were consulted when this listing was compiled and it was found that no issues are available for many papers which were registered. These newspapers have been included in this listing with the date of registration and other information from the affidavit.

How to use this directory

This listing can answer many sorts of questions about the newspapers of Newfoundland and Labrador. For example:

Where can I get a copy of the Daily News for 1948?
Consult Title Listing D-F.

What papers would give me information about the French fishing rights issue in 1857?
Consult the Chronological Listing under the decade beginning in 1850 for a listing of papers published at the time.

Was A. B. Morine involved with any newspapers?
Consult the Index to Editors and Publishers.

What Harbour Grace newspapers are available?
Consult the Community Index (excluding St. John's).

What was the first daily newspaper in Newfoundland?
Consult the list of daily newspapers.

Are there any newspapers published for native peoples in the province?
Consult the Subject and Audience Index.

What Conservative newspapers were there?
These are listed in the Political Partisanship Index.

What Roman Catholic newspapers were published?
These are listed in the Denominational Index.

Arrangement of Directory

Newspapers are entered in the Historical Directory under title. If a newspaper changed name during its existence, it is listed under the latest title in most cases. Cross references are provided from all other titles. Each entry includes the following information where appropriate:

  • Title.
  • Place or places of publication.
  • Dates of publication, if known, or dates of earliest and latest known issues, or date officially registered.
  • Title variations, if any.
  • Other editions published.
  • Frequency of publication.
  • Publisher, proprietor, printer, and editor.
  • Description of the content and editorial policy.
  • Issues held by libraries and archives in the province. (It should be assumed the holdings are in original, paper format unless otherwise indicated).

Symbols used in Headings

- hyphen indicates an unbroken range of holdings

, comma shows a gap in a range of holdings

[ ] brackets indicate that the years enclosed are not complete

* asterisk used after holdings in which individual years have not been checked for completeness

JNM a shelving number used by the Provincial Resource Library

Institution Codes

  • GRCOL -- Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
  • MHA -- Maritime History Archive (MUN)
  • MUN -- Queen Elizabeth II Library (MUN)
  • MUNFLA -- Folklore and Language Archive (MUN)
  • OONL -- National Library of Canada
  • PANL -- Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • PBHS -- Port-au-Port/Bay St. George Historical Association
  • PRL -- Provincial Resource Library, Arts and Culture Centre
  • RHPL -- Rocky Harbour Public Library
  • THS -- Trinity Historical Society
  • UKLNL -- British Library