Veritable Bijoux: a tale of scale

Oct. 4, 2022

A new exhibit of miniature books is on display on the third floor of the QEII Library. The exhibit is based on Veritable Bijoux: a tale of scale, a catalogue special collections librarian Patrick Warner developed from the holdings of the Archives & Special Collections Division during the early days of the COVID lockdown. The catalogue highlights 35 miniature books held in the Queen Elizabeth II Library’s Special Collections, and is intended as a general introduction to the world of miniature books in their original formats.

"Books that are two to three inches in size can be perfectly readable," said Mr. Warner. "But somewhere below the  three-inch mark, depending on the stylistic qualities of the work and the reader’s eyesight, there is a tipping point where the physical enacts a metaphorical turn and lifts us into an imaginative space that may or may not be connected with the content of the work."