Tips for keeping your research current

Keep your research current

Did you know that you can set up alert services to help you stay current with your favourite journals?

  • Table of Contents (ToC) Alerts for specific journal titles. The ToC Alert option is available for all journals, whether or not we subscribe to them. With this option, you will receive an electronic email notification when new Tables of Contents are available for your favourite journals.
  • Search Alerts for specific topics. With the Search Alerts option, you will receive a notification when new articles are published in a variety of journals, on specific, performed searches in our article indexes (  These notifications will be delivered to your email account.
  • Also, Document Delivery is the service through which the library borrows content from other institutions, and delivers articles directly to your email within two business days. For more information on the Document Delivery service, please see ( To learn more, and to use the Document Delivery service in conjunction with an alert service, please contact the liaison librarian for your subject area:

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