Faculty & instructors: struggling to find course required texts during COVID-19?

While some texts may be available for the Libraries to purchase such as eBooks, textbooks publishers (like Pearson, McGraw-Hill, etc.) do not generally license ebook versions of their textbooks to academic libraries. We are always happy to check though, so feel free to send us any requests.

Here are some other options to consider as well:

  • Use our e-reserves system to compile a list of readings and other material. We will acquire permission for uses of material not covered by an existing license, or that exceed Fair Dealing. We can purchase items required for e-reserves.
  • Consider an Open Textbook, free e-textbooks written by academics and subject specialists. Here is our guide to Open Textbooks: https://guides.library.mun.ca/opentextbooks
  • Have your students purchase an e-textbook through the St. John's Campus Bookstore or other online e-textbook providers.