Check it Out! The Don Wright Scholarship Exhibition

Check it Out!

The Don Wright Scholarship Exhibition features the work of seven emerging artists who have completed the Don Wright Scholarship as well as the newest and current Don Wright Scholar. The 8 artists included are Audrey Hurd, April White, Virginia Mitford, Amery Sandford, Jesse Wardell, Michael Ceiseilski, Lani Burshtein, and the current scholar, Megan Wells. The artists who have completed the program have used it as a launching point for their art careers and have made a lasting impression on the St. John’s art scene whether they continue to live here or not. Each artist has brought or is bringing unique techniques, skills, and perspectives to the printshop and in the collaborative space of St. Michael’s, they meet and learn from local and visiting artists.

Join interim director of St. Michael’s Printshop Eric Ehuler, show curator April White, and First Space Gallery coordinator Joanne Costello in a Check it Out! panel discussion about the Don Wright Scholarship, as well as the history and significance of the St. Michael’s Printshop to the national and international printmaking scene.

St. Michael’s Printshop vice-chair Hannah Morgan will be moderating the discussion. 

*Supported by the Public Engagement Accelerator Fund, Memorial University of Newfoundland