Sarah Papple (she/her)

Public Services Librarian

Public Services
Labrador Campus Library

What I do at Memorial Libraries

Our library and archive at the Labrador Campus exist to help people answer questions about Labrador. I can support students, faculty, and local people with their research.

Our library is a collection of over 5,000 published books, journals, videos, music, and other interesting items. Our archive has more than 11,000 processed holdings including photos, audio recordings, video, and text. Much has been digitized. I can support all areas of research here on campus, or remotely.

More about me

I bring 20 years of comprehensive experience in public libraries in Southern Ontario, where I worked in various capacities, notably as a transformative leader in Children, Youth, and Family Services. My commitment to the freedom of information and individuals' storytelling rights is evident through my active involvement in the OLA Children and Youth Committee and family advocacy committees. Before my library career, I was a print reporter, earning awards and a swift promotion to columnist in Vancouver.